For Small Business

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  • Small Office
  • Startups

When you hire us


Free troubleshooting at the first meeting

On the first visit to your company, we will do a free troubleshooting in computer problem, network issue, backup problem, server issues and etc. After troubleshooting, we provide a couple of suggestions to improve your IT environment.

List possible solutions and evaluate the options

We are brainstorming IT solutions for your company and check what the pluses and minuses are. Then we offer you one or two possibilities based on your budget, company size, and special requirements.



Offer a proposal concerning your requirements

A firm cost offer including pieces of equipment. If you accept; then we will provide you with a stable IT environment. However for more extensive and complicated network solutions or customized design, we may use hourly charging plus equipment costs.

Warranty to make you satisfied

Of course, we cannot grantee the future, but we can monitor your computers and network environment. We can even offer you IT subscription support to make sure everything works perfectly, and you can focus on core business.


IT Services

Server Management

Either Linux or Windows, let our certified administrators and server experts take care of Server Errors, Installation, Migration, Security, and Optimization to keep it business ready.

Backup and Security

Your valuable data and privacy will be well protected and safe with our customizable, secure, robust, and easy to use backup and storage management solutions against disastrous data loss.

Cloud Services

Modernize your applications to the new cloud-based approach. We help you to accelerate your migration to cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.


Website is a success factor on the Internet. Our skilful web designing specialists deliver elegant, responsive, SEO-optimized and user-friendly solutions for your website.

Software Solutions

Whether you want to build a platform to engage with you audience or develop particular modules of your software product, our specialized team of software developers can help.

Audit and Control

We offer GDPR audit controls, to detect the smallest defects or security flaws to minimize your vulnerabilities to expose the sensitive information on the internet.

IT Operation

Experienced certified engineers ready to deal with network problem, software issues, hardware faults and breakages.

cybersecurity computersecurity IT-datasakerhet ITgoteborg
  • Designing, Installing, and Maintaining Computer Network
  • Configuring Routers, Switches, and Firewalls
  • Auditing, Inspecting vulnerablilites and Securing Network
  • Filtering Web&Email, Device Encrypting, and Destructing Data
  • Designing, Implementing Software System Infrastructures
  • Ordering, Installing, and Maintaining Servers, Localy or Cloud
  • Hardeneing & Software Securing your IT environment
  • Implementing Robust Backup Solution for Valuable Data
  • Designing Customized & Responsive Websites
  • Developing Web Application
  • Delivering SEO-Optimized & Registering in Socialmedia
  • SEO - Search engine optimization organic
  • SEM - Google Ads / Facebook ads
  • Retouching, Enhancing Photos

About Us

computer network security

AiDev AB is a Gothenburg(Sweden) based IT Company founded in 2013; We are a young and ambitious team of professional IT engineers that strive to provide you with the best computer service, cybersecurity and stabile IT environment. We are agile to approach every projects with care and flexibility. We offer personalized, optimal solutions to small-sized businesses that are looking to increase productivity and profitability. Our IT services is not the cheapest infact, We express ourselves through delivering a support with the highest quality to our clients. We looking forward mutual trust, professional partners and deep collaboration.

AiDev - Technology at its best


IT support at Gothenburg has advantages, i.e., You will receive personal services, and you have dedicated IT technician, to resolve your issue on your office which could not achieve remotely.

Our IT support technicians ensure the quality of service delivery which meaning improved up-time, network security and reduced risks of data loss and maintenance costs over time.

Our IT services cost 900:-/h (ordinary 1098:-/h); However, we offer packet price for IT solutions which usually requires less than the hourly rate. Since 1 August 2016, IT support services in the home are entitled to RUT (pay half the price) deductions.

We can help you with everything that has to do with computers. We order, deliver and set up the router, switch, server, windows pc, and apple mac. However, we do not help to repair hardware, but we tip you a perfect replacement for it.

We always present an IT-solution to the problem, but it could be not exactly the way you intended. Maybe the computer or server is too old. If we do not succeed in solving the issue, we make sure that you know how to proceed with your problem.